In addition to the skills and concepts listed for Symphonic Band, Symphonic Winds and Concert Winds, this entry level jazz ensemble also provides students with learning opportunities that enable them to: (1) Develop understanding, through performance and analysis, of basic jazz styles, including Latin, Swing, Rock and Ballad, in the context of melody and harmony; (2) Develop proficiency in basic improvisational skills through and understanding of chord structure, modes (including dorian, and mixolydian), pentatonic and whole tone scales, melodic structure, and proper style. This ensemble, of a larger size than the standard jazz ensemble complement of approximately 21 players, studies, rehearses and performs music from the Grade 2 and 3 repertoires. Student comprehension will be monitored by frequent applied and written evaluations. If you have any questions regarding Jazz Lab Band contact Mr. Brinkman at 259-5301 ext. 45792 or abrinkman@msdwt.k12.in.us

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