This organization is open to freshman wind players and percussionists only. Most incoming freshman band students with middle school band experience or its equivalent will start their NCHS band experience in this group. The freshman Concert Winds is based on the Indiana Academic Standards for High School Instrumental Music. This course includes a balanced comprehensive study of music that develops skills in the psychomotor, cognitive, and affective domains. Classroom activities are designed to develop elements of musicianship including tone production, technical skills, intonation, music reading skills, listening skills, analyzing music, studying historically significant styles of literature, and integration of other applicable disciplines such as sight-reading and correct responses to a conductor’s musical insight to the literature being studied and to be performed. Students study a varied repertoire of developmentally appropriate concert band literature, technical studies, and develop the ability and artistry to convey a composer’s intent in the performance of music. There is periodic classroom assessment to monitor student progress. Time outside of the school day is scheduled for rehearsals and performances. A number of public performances at formal concerts and/or band contests serve as a culmination of daily classroom instruction and musical goals. Out-of-school rehearsals, performances, and activities are part of the course grade. These activities are an integral element that support and extend learning in the classroom. Private lessons are strongly encouraged but not required. Practicing at home is expected and will vary with the individual. If you have any questions regarding Concert Winds contact Mr. Granlund at 259-5301 ext. 45383 or, or Mr. Brinkman at 259-5301 ext. 45792 or

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