THANK YOU to all who took time to attend our Marching Panthers Call-out!  We had a great time playing music and getting to know each other!  We are looking forward to a terrific season where we support our school, entertain our fans, and have A LOT of fun!  


Below, please find some details about a few things to officially become a member of the 2023 Marching Panthers.  



REGISTRATION INFORMATION PACKETClick to view registration information packet

At the conclusion of the Call-out, the Marching Panthers Registration Information Packet was distributed to all students.  If you were unable to attend the Call-out, it is especially important that you take time to look over this information.  The materials from this packet are available at the link above. 


When you view the packet, please note the following important pages:


ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM Click to complete the Online Registration Form


The submission of the Online Registration Form is what officially registers each student for marching band.  The Online Registration Form must be received on or before Sunday, July 23, 2023 (first day of Band Camp).  This is a firm deadline.




PERCUSSION AUDITIONClick to view Percussion audition

Students planning to play in the percussion section will have a brief audition on July 23, 2023 (first day of Band Camp).  The purpose of the audition is only for determining what instrument each student will be assigned to for the season.  All students should plan on performing the snare drum excerpt.  Students wishing to be considered for tenors will play that excerpt in addition to the snare drum excerpt.  Percussion audition information can be viewed at the link above.  




If you have band friends that may want to join us for the 2023 season but missed signing up for the Call-out, please encourage them to come along!  They can let us know they are interested by contacting a band director.  We will be sure to get them the information they need to join us in the fall semester.   


This Ensemble consisting of woodwind, brass, percussion instruments and dancers provides learning opportunities that enable students to: (1) Demonstrate proper marching technique and maneuvers (field and street) in the execution of drill routines and field formations with and without playing; (2) Develop a keen sense of teamwork; (3) Develop skills in self-improvement and evaluation. This ensemble studies, rehearses and performs a wide variety of musical styles, forms and genres from the Grade 2, 3 and 4 repertoire. Student comprehension will be monitored by frequent evaluations. If you have any questions regarding the Marching Panthers contact Mr. Brinkman at 259-5301 ext. 45792 or  ​

Important Announcements and Information for the

Marching Panthers can be found in the area below.