2020-2021 North Central Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble Summer Lesson Plan and Fall/August Audition Excerpts

Although this past year ended in an unprecedented way, we had many great musical experiences which we can build upon as we look forward to the coming school year.

I would like to officially welcome you to the start of another great year for the NC Wind Ensemble.

Every member of the ensemble is crucial to our success.  Please plan your summer so that you can be ready to immediately be a productive member of this amazing group.


​Auditions will take place right away as soon as we begin school.

Click Here to view and download all audition information, excerpts, and scale requirements.


Although we are under different circumstances due to COVID-19 it is still important for you to have private lessons.  Most teachers that we use at North Central have continued to do lessons via Zoom or another online platform.  If you have not been taking lessons please resume those right away.  If you are unable to do this reach out immediately to me so that I can help you. You will turn in your Summer Lesson Form at the start of school.

​Please click here to download your Summer Lesson Form.  

Regarding your lessons.  Please find time to get with your private teacher at least four times during your summer break.  If there is some type of financial difficulty please contact me so that I can be of assistance. As always, select your private teacher carefully.  This person should push you to do your best and help you to constantly improve and gain confidence. 
Click Here for lesson teacher suggestions.


Please take a moment right now and text our REMIND code @ncwe-2021 to 81010.  Click here for further instructions.  This is a new remind group for the 2020-2021 school year so EVERYONE needs to complete this step.  If you do not complete this step, I will assume that you did not receive this information which will result in me taking additional steps to contact you.  


These are requirements to be in this ensemble.  The North Central Wind Ensemble is a group of very dedicated and talented student musicians.  There are several bands available to you, so if you do not plan to prepare and be ready for the requirements of this ensemble please reach out immediately so that we can make arrangements for you to move to a different ensemble for 2020-2021.  Please do your part to ensure a wonderful 2020-2021 ensemble.

Rick Granlund
rgranlund@msdwt.k12.in.us / 317.259.5304 x45383

The Wind Ensemble is the premiere group of the NCHS band program. Its roster consists of highly talented high school students and employs a curriculum based on the Indiana Academic Standards for High School Instrumental Music. This course includes a balanced comprehensive study of music that develops skills in the psychomotor, cognitive, and affective domains. Classroom activities are designed to develop elements of musicianship including tone production, technical skills, intonation, music reading skills, listening skills, analyzing music, studying historically significant styles of literature, and integration of other applicable disciplines such as sight-reading and correct responses to a conductor’s musical insight to the literature being studied and to be performed. Students study a varied advanced repertoire of the highest caliber. The ensemble maintains a rigorous workout of developmentally appropriate concert band literature, technical studies, and has a high ability and artistry to convey a composer’s intent in the performance of music. There is periodic classroom assessment to monitor student progress. Time outside of the school day is scheduled for rehearsals and performances. A number of public performances at formal concerts and/or band contests serve as a culmination of daily classroom instruction and musical goals. Out-of-school rehearsals, performances, and activities are part of the course grade. These activities are an integral element that support and extend learning in the classroom. Private lessons are required. If you have any questions regarding Wind Ensemble contact Mr. Granlund at 259-5301 ext. 45383 or rgranlund@msdwt.k12.in.us

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