Semester One Final Exam Playing Test

Your final exam is due as an mp3 or M4A file on or before December 9th @ 9PM.  

Plan ahead for this due date.  This is a portion of your final exam grade.  Late tests will be penalized 25% per calendar day. 

If you need help, schedule a time with Mr. Granlund, Mr. Brinkman,
or your private instructor in advance.  

Do not let technology be a hurdle.  There are many options available to record in these
(mp3/M4A) formats.  With some prior planning, this won't be a problem.

Record each excerpt separately and upload each individually.  You have options regarding the use of a metronome.  A metronome may be audible during the recording if you wish.  That would be the preferred method. 

Click Here to upload your recordings.